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Bamboo steamer basket originated in the Han dynasty, is a wonderful flower of Chinese food culture, in which bamboo steamer to the original flavor, steam water does not flow back, the whole world famous. The types of steamers are mainly divided into green-skinned neosinocalamus bamboo steamers, green-skinned nanmu steamers, fir-skinned steamers, etc. . Among them, the materials for the green-skinned steamers are mostly made of Nanmu bamboo, which is tied with bamboo strips because the materials are hard and strong, more durable, steamed dishes with steamer is a feature of many parts of China’s food culture.

As an ancient handicraft technology, steamer making technology has been listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage Technology. Bamboo steamer production process is more complex, generally divided into six steps:

1. Soak the red bamboo for more than one night to make it soft.

2. Peel and smooth the bamboo. Round with a piece of red bamboo, fixed position with bamboo clip.

3. Drill a hole and put on a cane. Make it rounded.

4. Cut four long strips of bamboo, enclose them in the outer frame and place them in the inner frame.

5.Arrange the bamboo into a cage bottom, then form a solid cross-shaped rattan line.

6. Insert the bamboo grinding nail into the steamer and fix it. The steamer must be dry to be durable.

Bamboo steamer first can be directly washed with detergent, after the first brush with wire cloth, then rinse with detergent. After cleaning it, steam it over the stove for half an hour. Steam the yellow water out of the bamboo, then clean it and use it. Note:

1, had better wait for the water to boil before putting on the steamer.

2, steam pot must have enough water, too little water, steam will reduce the edge of the bamboo steamer is also easy to Scorch.

3. The time and heat of steaming vary according to the size of the steamed buns and the number of steamers. When steaming for a long time, should avoid as far as possible halfway open the lid, because this will let the steamer temperature drop.

4. When steaming food in a steamer, steam the top layer first.

5, after using the steam cage cover as far as possible without water cleaning, can be wiped with a wet cloth, if there is food residue stuck to the cover, can be washed with water, timely drying, so that it is not easy to mildew, steamer more durable, it will not affect the sealing.



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