Steamer food 1—fresh meat dumplings

There are many steamer delicacies. Now I will introduce one called fresh meat dumplings.

Ingredients: Meat filling: 150g pork filling, 50g lotus root, 10g green onion, 5g ginger, 1 egg, 10g water, 2g salt, 1g MSG, 5g chicken powder, 5g sesame oil Dough: 250 grams of flour and about 130 grams of water

Craftsmanship: 1. Peel and mince fresh lotus root.

2. Chop green onion and ginger finely

3. Put all the seasonings except sesame oil into the meat filling

4. Beat vigorously, add sesame oil, mix well, and marinate for more than 1 hour

5. Add flour and water and knead into a smooth dough. Press the dough repeatedly and knead for more than 10 minutes. , I used the dough rising program of the bread machine (Dongling DL-T29). This program includes kneading and fermentation. Different flours require different amounts of water. I use Mintian high-gluten flour, so don’t add enough water at once, add it in batches, and check the situation while kneading. (If it’s too soft, add more powder; conversely, if it’s too hard, add more water)

6. After the program is completed, take out the risen dough on the dough board and sprinkle with hand powder to prevent sticking.

7. Deflate the dough and knead evenly. Divide the dough into two or three parts and roll them into long strips. Then take a small dose of the same amount

8. Press it flat and roll it into a dough with a thick middle and thin edges.

9. Wrap in meat fillings

10. Wrap a basket of buns one by one

11. Add cold water to the steamer

12. Put the steamer cloth on the steamer and put the buns into the steamer

13. It will be ready in about 20 minutes

If you want to make successful steamed buns, summarize three points:

  1. Knead the dough—Knead thoroughly, we need a smooth dough
  2. Dough fermentation—the primary and secondary fermentation must be fully in place, this is really important
  3. Steaming—After the pasta is put into the pot, it needs to be steamed over high heat. The steaming time must be sufficient. The length of time depends on the size of the pasta. After turning off the heat, it must be steamed for three to five minutes, and the pot cannot be opened immediately.

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