Wooden box packaging

What are the uses of wooden box packaging?

Wooden box packaging has many benefits for goods, mainly as follows:

1. Sales ability Wooden box packaging is an important means to increase the value of goods. Trademarks, labels, patterns, illustrations, and text descriptions on product packaging can play a role in conveying sales information. The most important thing about good packaging design is that it can convey information, which can not only beautify the product, but also promote the sales of the product and increase the competitiveness of the product. On supermarket shelves, product packaging can attract consumers, stimulate their desire to buy, and act as a “silent salesperson”. The protection function can be implemented by all enterprises under the existing technical conditions.

2. Protection Protect the commodity tower from high-frequency and impact of foreign objects, such as impact, heavy pressure and moisture during storage and transportation, high temperature or deterioration, deformation or damage due to chemical substances. Therefore, the structure and materials of gift packaging boxes and packaging are important in design and application. On the other hand, the physical, chemical, physiological and other factors of the product should be systematically planned, and the protective nature of the packaging should be placed in an important position.

3. Convenience In the main links of production, circulation and sales, wooden box packaging should first facilitate product manufacturing and adapt to process operations. Then it is necessary to facilitate the circulation of goods, make loading and unloading labor-saving, and stack them firmly. In the process of product sales, it is conducive to the display of shelves and windows, and is conducive to classified storage, dismantling, and separate sales. It provides convenience for identification, selection, classification, binning, warehousing inspection, outgoing exchange, etc., so as to clarify responsibilities. Issues that need to be paid attention to in the structural design of wooden box packaging boxes, gift packaging boxes, improve work efficiency, and are convenient for consumers to carry and use, wine box packaging.

Generally speaking, wooden box packaging should have the functions of appropriate dosage, convenient storage, and safe use.

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