More about bamboo cutting board what you need to learn about.

“Compared with wooden cutting boards and plastic cutting boards, bamboo cutting board are safer.” According to experts, some loose wood cutting boards are prone to knife marks on the surface, and if they are not cleaned thoroughly, it is easy to hide dirt and dirt, breed bacteria, and pollute food. While plastic cutting boards are beautiful and lightweight, if they are not dry, bacteria can easily multiply and are not suitable for cutting cooked food.
The bamboo cutting board is treated with high temperature and high pressure, which has the advantages of no cracking, no deformation, wear resistance, hardness, good toughness, etc., and is lightweight, hygienic and fragrant to use.
Production process

  1. Process the raw bamboo into bamboo chips, and remove the bamboo joints on the bamboo chips;
  2. Cut the bamboo pieces into bamboo fragments of equal length;
  3. Tie the bamboo fragments into a cylindrical bamboo bundle, and each bamboo piece in the bamboo bundle is vertically arranged according to the fiber direction;
  4. Put the bamboo chips into the kettle, submerge the bamboo chips with food wax liquid, and cook them at atmospheric pressure for 1.5~7.5 hours; When the wax is boiled, the temperature of the wax juice in the kettle is 160~180 °C; When wax cooking is completed, the moisture content of bamboo fragments in the bamboo fragment phase is 3%~8%;
  5. Take out the bamboo bundle from the liquid, and apply extrusion processing to it when the bamboo bundle is not cold, and the bamboo bundle is pressed into the bamboo bundle sequentially by using pressure machinery during the extrusion process thhe inner cavity is a round table shaped conical mold and the inner cavity is a cylindrical openable mold, in the pressing process, the bamboo bundle enters the large-diameter end of the conical mold axially, and then enters the openable mold through the rough end of the conical mold, the inner diameter of the rough end of the conical mold is the same as the inner diameter of the openable mold; Before pressing into the bamboo bundle, a fastening ring is embedded around the inner cavity of the openable mold in advance, and the bamboo bundle is pressed into the openable mold after being extruded by a tapered mold, that is, it is naturally sleeved into the tight circle to form a product that is tightly combined between the bamboo pieces and tightened by the fastening ring;
  6. Open the mold and take out the above products.
bamboo cutting board

Cutting board care
Even with bamboo cutting board, after cutting vegetables every day, it is best to disinfect the cutting boards, and the following methods can be used: washing and ironing method. Brush the cutting board with a hard brush and clean water, then blanch it with boiling water, and dry it in the sun without giving bacteria a place to roost; Scraper salt immersion method. Each time after using the cutting board (especially after chopping the minced meat), scrape off the food residue and residual juice on the surface, brush with clean water, and then soak in salt water (concentration of about 15%) for 2 hours, and then take it out to dry, so that it can not only kill

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