How much do you know about Chinese chopsticks culture?

Chopsticks originated in China and are Chinese unique eating tool and an important part of Chinese culture. Chinese chopsticks have been used in China for at least 3,000 years.

The famous physicist Li Zhengdao once said of chopsticks in an interview: “Such a simple two things, but the brilliant application of the lever principle in physics.” Chopsticks are an extension of human fingers, what fingers can do, it can do, and is not afraid of high heat, not afraid of cold, it is really smart. “

As a feeding tool, chopsticks are a unique cultural carrier, closely related to Chinese etiquette, marriage, faith, art, etc., and occupy an important position in the traditional customs of various ethnic groups. The chopsticks we use now are basically following the Ming Dynasty design, an ordinary pair of chopsticks with a length of 22-25 cm. The first square foot is round, the upper part of the chopsticks is held in the square column, and the lower place where the dish is held is the column, which is also the difference between Chinese chopsticks and chopsticks in other Asian countries. In daily life, the use of chopsticks is very particular.

The correct way to use it is to hold the chopsticks with the right hand, pinch the upper end of the chopsticks with the thumb and forefinger, and the other three fingers naturally bend to support the chopsticks, and the two ends of the chopsticks must be aligned.

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Chinese chopsticks

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